Artist Pablo Picasso remains in occupied Paris, giving German officers who visit him postcards of his anti-Fascist painting Guernica. One German asked: “Did you do this?” Picasso: “No, you did.”

German military command has announced policy of "Jeder einmal in Paris", "everyone once in Paris", promising every soldier the chance to visit the occupied City of Lights.

In Nazi-occupied Paris, food, coal, tobacco & clothing are all rationed, with best buildings & luxuries reserved for German soldiers- who pay in Reichsmarks at a ludicrously inflated fixed exchange rate.

Ashes of French Napoleon II are being re-interred in Paris, from Austria- "Hitler's gift" of German friendship. Parisians joke that the Germans sent them ashes, but they would have preferred some coal.

Gandhi's campaign of civil disobedience in India- meant to push for independence from British colonialism- is to be suspended over Christmas.

Full moon tonight- as the British now call it, a "bomber's moon". Bright & clear night, perfect for Luftwaffe to see their targets. They're raiding Sheffield again.

US Aid group says they'll stay in occupied Europe, though UK won't let food past the Royal Navy blockade: "We can't build peace on bones of starved babies."

Allied forces in Egypt have reached Buq Buq, on the Mediterranean coast- sweeping through desert & trapping another Italian garrison.

Germans have made plans in case France grows too friendly with the British government: Operation Attila, the invasion of southern France & seizure of French warships & planes.

French ex-minister Laval, arrested yesterday, has been charged with a "plot" to overthrow government of unoccupied France & join Germany in war against Britain.

Greek & Italian troops are trapped in the Albanian mountains in one of bitterest winters in history; they're boiling snails, boots, & moss for food.

Greek troops are now 70 miles into Albania- but Italians are throwing mass reinforcements against them & advance is grinding to a halt.

Adolf Hitler has issued Führer Directive #20: secret plans for a German invasion of Greece, to help beleaguered Italian forces.

The Great Dictator has been banned in every Nazi-occupied nation; Hitler has watched it twice in his private cinema. No report of his reaction.

Charlie Chaplin's newest film, Hitler satire The Great Dictator, premiering tonight in blacked-out London:

Since French leader Marshal Pétain took power in unoccupied France, he has focused against "Enemy Number One"- Nazi Germany- & "Enemy Number Two"- British Empire.

Pierre Laval, French Foreign Minister, has been sacked & arrested. An advocate of close collaboration with Nazis, he's accused of espionage by the Vichy government,

7 survivors of the Marples Hotel bombing in Sheffield have been dug out from tons of rubble; they sheltered in a sturdy wine-cellar. First priority after rescue: a cigarette.

A direct hit by a German bomb has wrecked the Marples Hotel, killing over 70 people sheltering in the cellars- worst hit of last night's Blitz.

Sheffield has been bombed overnight- target of main factories almost undamaged, but fires have ravaged the town centre. Over 200 people are dead.

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