I’ve seen what the can do – and now I’ve heard it.

🎧 Grab headphones and listen to the otherworldly hum of Ingenuity’s blades as it headed south to scout a new area on its fourth flight.

How I captured both sight and sound: go.nasa.gov/3b8sTWl

Tomorrow, the is headed for a new landing zone in the direction I’ve been traveling. Standing by to record as it makes its first one-way trip. twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/139

See how the same technology that helped me avoid hazards while landing on Mars could be used to help us better understand oceans back on Earth. Put your questions in the comments for the experts about to set sail on this expedition. twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/139

Just another day on Mars, shooting video of a flying helicopter. Quick preview of ’s Flight 4 takeoff below; more pics and video yet to come.

Typical photographer: lots of gear to juggle and mountains of files to upload! Newest pics at: go.nasa.gov/2L6tFta

I’m headed south to my first exploration zone, and guess who’s tagging along? The and I will be hitting the trail as it moves into a new phase to demonstrate how future rovers and aerial explorers can work together. go.nasa.gov/3t7qOjl

In three flights, the nailed its tech demo goals. Flight 4 pushes it even farther and faster. Reframing my shot and getting ready for tomorrow’s flight. twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/138

While the preps for Flight No. 4, I took a short drive southeast (~28 ft/8.5 m) to a spot where I can check out these cool rocks while still keeping an eye on Ingenuity. Too much good stuff here.

Latest images: go.nasa.gov/2L6tFta
Map: go.nasa.gov/3sZ16NO

Oh hey, there I am! Never thought I’d be the subject of another photographer on Mars. Great capture by the team.

📷: go.nasa.gov/3u0eaEe twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/138

How does an idea to build a robot like me or to fly a take off? Find out from my team who will take your questions. twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/138

The is really “spreading its wings” now – even pushing beyond my camera's field of view. Watch my view of Flight #3, as Ingenuity takes off on a long run (164 ft/50 m) down its flight zone and back. go.nasa.gov/3ewRa9m

With two flights down, the is ready to get sporty. Flight #3 planned for this Sunday, and it’ll even stretch my ability to capture it in frame. Looking forward to this.

Latest blog: go.nasa.gov/3gArAmw twitter.com/NASAJPL/status/138

Flight #2 is in the books! I’ve captured its higher, bolder flight, and I’ll be sending back all my latest frames soon. Meanwhile, here's a quick preview, including takeoff and two turns.

Getting comfy with my cameras and bringing my subject into sharp focus. Of course, getting the shot is always easier when your subject nails their mark. Here are zoomed-in views of the 's takeoff and landing on flight #1. Getting set up for flight #2.

Another huge first: converting CO2 into oxygen on Mars. Working off the land with what’s already here, my MOXIE instrument has shown it can be done!

Future explorers will need to generate oxygen for rocket fuel and for breathing on the Red Planet. go.nasa.gov/3eoXDDd

The isn’t the only technology demo I brought to Mars. I’ve also got “MOXIE”– an instrument that will test converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. It could pave the way for future human explorers. go.nasa.gov/3cdMF3X twitter.com/Dr_ThomasZ/status/

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